The world is a complicated place, and it’s not getting any simpler, especially for our youth. Each day they are bombarded with contradictory messages. Many lack mentors to turn to help them make sense of these messages or their place in the world; mentors who can empower them to make strong choices that lay a foundation for becoming exceptional members of their community.

Many adults want to help shape the future of their community, but don’t know where to start—or even realize what they have to offer.

At YTransform, we bring these groups together and the results are incredible.

YTransform is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing today’s youth with the community mentorship they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Our journey began with the foundation of the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence, which focused on the development of efficient programs and methods designed to effect positive change in communities. Through the work of IYDE, we’ve learned, grown, and evolved.

We started from humble beginnings, but we’ve already accomplished awesome things, learning and growing along the way. Now, we’re putting that knowledge and experience to work as YTransform, giving YOU the opportunity to become a respected mentor in the community. Our proven training process will help you uncover your superpower—everyone has one, and everyone can use theirs to strengthen their community through mentorship.

Today’s youth struggle with feeling like they’re part of a real community in an ever more fragmented world. If we want to build a strong future for them, we need to put in the work now. We need to help them uncover their strengths and talents by using our own! Do that, by signing up to be a mentor, today. That’s our vision. Better youth. Better you.

About Riyad

Riyad founded both the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence and YTransform. His mission, for over 3 decades, has been to lead the charge when it comes to youth development and community in a manner that is not only sustainable, but will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

Riyad has worked not only with youth development, but also as an adjunct imam and khateeb, a counselor, and an industrial engineer. His varied life experiences have helped him appreciate a wide variety of different perspectives. He’s been able to apply his experience and knowledge in unique ways, including developing an entirely novel concept of youth programming that helps lay the foundations for strong, self-supporting communities.

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