Empowering Young People to Impact The World
We train young people to become superstar youth mentors.
We live in the most complex time in human history - and it’s not getting any simpler!
Our youth are the future, yet unfortunately are being neglected and not nurtured as they should.
We believe the more we invest in our youth, the greater the world will be.
Y Become a Mentor?
All of these world famous icons had one great mentor behind them.
Could you be that person?
Professional training programs prepare you for your mentorship challenge.
Thousands of lives have been changed by our extraordinary, tried and true, training programs! Let our programs give you the boost you need to take on being a mentor.
Strong leaders are made, not born.
You can’t just sit back and do nothing and expect your garden to grow, right? The same is true for our communities! If we want the next generation of leaders to be incredible, we have to start nurturing them now!
Find your superpower—and share it to #dogood.
Every single member of the community has a superpower to share; and every single member can be a hero—and we can give you the opportunity to do just that!
Want to change the world? Start in your own back yard.
Join YTransform in transforming your community, your life, and the world by becoming a youth mentor. Being a mentor isn’t just great for your community. It’s also great for YOU. You’ll be transforming your own life to heights you’d never imagined, too. We promise.
Want to Become a Mentor?
Step one:
Take the leap and sign up! Woohoo!
The journey to a better you has begun! Then, watch our online training videos.
Step two:
Master the basic concepts first.
Then it’s time to start implementing them in practical ways—and attend our group coaching sessions.
Step three:
You’re ready to dip your toe in as a mentor with trial mentoring.
Don’t worry—you’ll receive regular reviews and feedback along the way!
Step four:
Get your certification!
You’re ready to spread your wings and mentor any of our young people in need. High five - well done for getting this far - your community salutes you!
Step five:
Share your knowledge with other potential mentors as a mentor trainer.
You rock - and the transformation from awkward nervy caterpillar to confident, passionate butterfly is complete!
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What We Believe
One person makes a difference
Can one person really make a difference? YES! The belief that they can’t is one of the most harmful myths that we need to overcome. When you decide to be a mentor, you take on a role of importance in your community—you make a HUGE difference in the cause to build a better tomorrow.
Our youth are our future.
We believe our youth are our future. Without them being prepared to step into the shoes of our community’s leaders, what future can we have? It is our responsibility to mentor them, and this is not a responsibility we can afford to pawn off.
Faith Matters.
Our mission is built on faith-based principles, because we believe that faith matters. Lip-service, and even belief, are not enough. You need to inject your faith into the way you live your life, the way you choose to spend your energy. By becoming a mentor, you will learn and grow spiritually.
There is an unmet need for passionate, motivated mentors.
One out of every three young people lacks an adult they can trust outside of their family home. We need mentors from all walks of life - we believe there’s a mentor out there for every young person.
There’s no one “right” type of mentor.
Everyone has the potential to be an awesome mentor with our proven process and training program. You’ll discover things you didn’t even know about yourself!
Mentoring benefits society as a whole.
Studies show that every dollar spent on mentoring provides 3 x the value in societal benefits. Now that’s some good math!
Why Us?
Many teenagers don’t even recognize that they are part of a community. But millions are learning otherwise, thanks to the power of mentorship to change the world.
This isn’t just speculation; we’ve developed a process which provides our potential mentors with the tools and training they need to channel their inner superhero. We believe that the way to ensure the strength and positivity of our communities going forward lies firmly on our ability to inspire, empower, and mentor our youth, and that each of us has the ability to do that with the right guidance. YTransform is dedicated to providing that guidance so that you can guide others.
Success Stories
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We simply have to engage our youth
"It really teaches you how to bring the youth back to more positive activities!"
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Extremely beneficial - even if you're already working with youth
"As a teacher, I felt I already had a good grounding in knowing how to engage youth but this training taught me so much and really made things specific."
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Team-building is awesome
"I've really benefitted in my personal life with the emphasis on building rapport and team building in particular."
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Listen and ask open ended questions
"I've learned you can extract much more information from a young person if you're genuinely interested and ask them open ended questions. Such a simple point but I'm already benefitting from that!"
Want to channel your inner superhero and become a mentor?
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